Wooden Dinosaur Toy - Dinosaur Carpark [DEMO]

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This is the PERFECT gift for kids who love cars and dinosaurs.

A beautiful addition to our growing range of car toys and dinosaur toys. This car park is made entirely out of wood. The wood used to make this fantastic toy is 100% FSC approved and the colours and images printed on the toy are created using water-based paint for hours of safe play. It is a solid and sturdy wooden toy featuring a free standing design with the addition of a wooden base.

This toy is designed specifically for little hands, meaning it is lightweight and highly portable.

Included in this set are 4 wooden cars and 6 dinosaur toys. The addition of dinosaur toys gives kids even morecreative freedom and endless ways to play. Kids can create their own stories using their dinosaurs, car and car park and discover their own ways of playing with their wooden toy. Imaginative play has many developmental benefits for kids such as self-expression, confidence to share their ideas and communication skills in collaborative play.

Our toy car park introduces children to early physics through observations of forces, movement and the effect of gravity.

As the cars speed down the sloped tracks, kids will hear the movement of the wheels against the wooden ramp; excellent for children that are engaged by sound as well as vision.

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3 Year Olds