Wooden Carpark Toy - Car Garage for Kids [DEMO]

Handmade Charlotte
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Handmade Charlotte
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Our wooden multi storey car park is a top quality toy which offers the opportunity for endless fun and games.

Our wooden car park garage is made of 100% FSC approved wood, meaning it is sustainably sourced as well as being solid, smooth and robust. The bright colours on the car park and wooden car toys are created using water-based paint for safe play.

This toy car park is ideal for independent and collaborative play. Your little ones can spend hours taking it in turns to race cars down the winding ramps or use the toy garage as a prop in role play or play setups. Collaborative play teaches kids to take turns, play nicely with one another, develops patience and communication skills.

Our toy car for kids set has lots of benefits and can be used as a Montessori toy. Children can explore scientific ideas, such as forces and gravity, through playing with this quality toy for boys and girls. Your little learners will develop an understanding of the world around and will become curious about key parts of daily life, such as vehicles and travel.

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1 Year Olds, 2 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds, 4 Year Olds, Baby