Shape Sorter - Shape Sorting Toy [DEMO]

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Introduce your little learners to geometry in a fun and fuss-free way! Our shape sorter toy features a range of solid wooden shapes in bold colours. The aim of the game is to match the shapes to the correct slots. Through play, you can teach your kids the names of the differentshapes and discuss the similarities and differences in the properties of each shape, e.g. number of sides, number of corners.

This is a top quality shape sorting toy. The shapes come present in a little wooden cart with red wheels. The cart has a removable, sliding lid and is carved with the outlines of the included shapes. The shapes and cart are made of sustainably sourced woods and the bold colours are created using water-based paint.This is a lightweight yet robust set; perfect for little hands.

Through play, kids will develop fine motor skills. They will exercise precise hand movements to pick up the shapes and place them in the correct slots. Fine motor skills are an essential life skill as they are needed to perform a range of daily activities, such as using cutlery and writing.

The bright colours featured will help your kids to develop colour recognition. They will begin to identify and name a variety of colours. Moreover, they will develop sorting and stacking skills and will begin to gain an understanding of shape and size.

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3 Year Olds