Sensory Board for Toddlers - Colourful Textured Toy [DEMO]

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Sensory toys are ideal for children with autism and special educational needs in particular. Our sensory toys for autism are designed to help kids relax and focus. The aim of baby sensory toysis to introduce kids to new experiences gently whilst calming them in stressful situations. Perfect educational toys with added personal and cognitive benefits.

Our Sensory Board features 10 different textures and materials. Our set features 10 circular wooden posts, which are removable and each contain a different textured material. Exposure to different textures and materials introduces new experiences gently and provides sensory stimulation.

This Let's Learn Sensory Board is an unbeatable quality wooden toy suitable for 3+. It features a100% FSC Approved wooden base with perfectly sized slots for each circular peg. Quality materials were used to create the different textures on our sensory board. With a smooth , solid and sturdy wooden design, this sensory board is highly portable. Your Sensory Board will come wrapped in luxury Jaques of London gift packaging.

There are multiple educational and life skill benefits to this activity. Our sensory toys for babies help develop fine motor skills with the precise hand movements needed to pick up the wooden pegs and place them back in the slots. Learning toys and sensory toys for toddlers, such as this, help cognitive development and are an ideal introduction to science and scientific thinking when considering materials and their properties.

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