Pretend Bakery Board - Wooden Play Food [DEMO]

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A wonderful new addition to our Let's Pretend range and the perfect accompaniment to our fruit & vegetable boards.

A fun and unique design, our Letâs Pretend Bakery Board features 9 different sweet treats and bakery products. Your Bakery Board comes complete with a perfectly sized, solid wood pretend knife for children to slice their treats in half with and a solid wooden base with specific slots for each snack. The treats on our Bakery Board feature a magnetic clasp for easy reconstruction.

It teaches kids the concept of fractions and halves. Kids will recognise that halves are 2 equal parts of a whole when looking at our croissant, donut, and pretzel. They should begin to make the connection that although the chocolate slice is in 2 parts, the parts are not equal, so it cannot be a true half.

There are endless ways to play with our Bakery Board and hours of fun to be had. Kids can role play being a baker, running a cake shop or being contestants on a baking show, for example. They might even be inspired to have a go at baking a cake themselves! It is the perfect way to allow children to express their imagination and be creative.

Your Bakery Board is made of 100% FSC approved wood; it is solid and robust. Your Bakery Board is vibrant and attractive, featuring non-toxic paint for safe play.

Your Bakery Board will be gift-wrapped in signature Jaques of London packaging. We have enjoyed continuous customer satisfaction for over 220 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service. Perfect toys and games since 1795.


4 Year Olds