Let's Pretend Biscuit Tin [DEMO]

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This delightful biscuit tin is awonderful new addition to our Let's Pretend range and the perfect accompaniment to ourpretend cake & cookie toys.

A fun and unique design, our Letâs Pretend Biscuit Tinfeatures10different sweet treats and bakery products. Yourtincomes complete with a perfectly sized, solid wood pretendbiscuits in a variety of colourful designs and shapes.

This quality wooden biscuit selection is full of family favourites, includingaseasonal gingerbread man. This set is a perfect addition to your childâs imaginative play sets.

There are endless ways to play with ourWooden Biscuit Tinand hours of fun to be had. Kids can role play being a baker, running abiscuitshop or being contestants on a baking show, for example. They might even be inspired to have a go at bakingbiscuitsthemselves! It is the perfect way to allow children to express their imagination and be creative.

YourBiscuit Tin contains beautifully made biscuits which aremade of 100% FSC approved wood; it is solid and robust. YourBiscuit Tinis vibrant and attractive, featuring non-toxic paint for safe play.

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1 Year Olds, 2 Year Olds, Baby