Let's Learn Dinosaur Threading Puzzles [DEMO]

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Our Let's Learn Dinosaur Threading Puzzles includes 10 different dinosaur threading cards and a selection of multicoloured laces ready for threading.

Our Dinosaur Threading Puzzles are createdto engage little learners with a cute and comical dinosaur design. The dinosaurs are printed onto premium card, which is durable and easy to keep clean. The threading strings feature bright colours and have the perfect level of thickness for easy grip.

The main purpose of threading puzzles is to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Fine motor skills refer to precise hand movements needed to perform a range of tasks, including writing, painting and playing sports. It is a skill that is needed throughout our lives.

This motor skills toys is designed to provoke a curiosity about the world as well as teaching kids about the prehistoric creatures that once roamed our planet.

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3 Year Olds, 4 Year Olds, 5 Year Olds +, Toddler