Lacing Set - Alphabet Game for Kids [DEMO]

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Our Let's Play Lacing Set features a charming mixture of letters, numbers, vehicles and animals for your kids to thread! This set also includes strings for your children to thread the objects onto.

Your Let's Play Lacing Set features all 26 letters of the alphabet, making this an ideal ABC toy for teaching your kids the alphabet.Use the wooden alphabet letters to practice spelling simple words to give your kids an educational head start.

This fantastic learning toy also includes the numbers 0-9; an ideal toy to introduce counting and number recognition.

To complete the set, you will find a selection of animals and wooden vehicles. The perfect combination of figures for fun and learning!

The letters, numbers, animals and vehicles are made of100% FSC approved wood. The colours of the objects to be threaded are vibrant and are created using water-based paint for safe play. This is a solid, robust and highly portable lacing set.

Lacing sets are perfect for developing fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve using precise hand movements to carry out an activity. Your children will also develop their hand-eye coordination when using this lacing toy.

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3 Year Olds, Toddler