Kids Stacking Toy - Wooden Shape Toy [DEMO]

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This truly is a beautiful wooden toy containing all the colours of the rainbow! Rainbow toys are trending and remain top on children's wish lists. Our beautiful shape stacking toy will brighten up your little one's toy boxes and play rooms. It is visually captivating and bound to brighten up rainy days.

Shape stacking toys are ideal for developing problem solving skills. Children will need to think carefully and use trial and error to successfully stack the wooden shapes in the correct order. By stacking this toy, children will develop resilience, which means they will not give up when something challenges them. Shape stacking toys have roots grounded in mathematics; being able to sort items or numbers in ascending and descending order as well as using logic and reasoning are key mathematical skills.

This beautiful, wooden, rainbow toy is made of 100% FSC Approved wood, meaning it is sustainably sourced. The bright colours are created using water-based paints, making it safe for little learners.

Picking up the shapes and placing them on the wooden stand requires precise hand movements and hand-eye coordination; commonly referred to as fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are essential throughout our lives as they are needed to perform a huge range of tasks including writing and using cutlery.

From our family to yours; since 1795, Jaques of London have been inventing and creating top quality toys and games. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the love and care that goes into the design and development of our products.


1 Year Olds, 2 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds, Baby