Kids Learning Clock - Time Telling Game [DEMO]

Handmade Charlotte
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Handmade Charlotte
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Educational Suitable for 3+, this wooden teaching clock has numerous educational benefits. The clock features multiple numbered shapes 1-12.Each shape fits specific slots on the clock face, this aids recognition of positions of numbers on the clock. The clock face includes five-minute time intervals. The shape sorting element of this clockimproves shape recognition.

Top quality This teaching clock is made of 100% FSC Approved Wood. It is strong, sturdy, and robust. Perfectly designed for little hands.

Multiple learning opportunities This learning clock will deepen your childâs understanding of the world around them. The shapes are labelled with numbers on the clock face, enabling a recognition of numbers and their position on the clock face. On the reverse side of the numbers is a picture of an animal. Children LOVE animals and they will be able to recognise and name a variety of animals. Furthermore, painted in the shape slots are pictures of plants/animals that the animal on the shape for that slot eats. So, your child will learn to recognise numbers, animals, colours and food chains as well as learning the time!

Enhance fine motor skills Your teaching clock comes complete with an extra activity! Included with your clock is a threading activity. Improve your childâs fine motor skills by threading the string through the holes in the shapes.

Beautiful Jaques Packaging Your learning clock will be wrapped in signature Jaques packaging. This superb quality is exactly what you should expect from a company with over 220 years of customer satisfaction.

Dimensions of Clock Board:Approximately 22.5cm Diameter x 17mm Deep.


3 Year Olds, 4 Year Olds