Kids Animal Safari Toy - Wooden Shape Sorter [DEMO]

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Our beautiful Animal Shape Sorter Wooden Toy features a safari design. The set comes complete with 6 adorable wooden animal figurines. The animals include are a zebra, an alligator, a lion, a giraffe, a hippo and an elephant. The animals slot in to a solid wooden safari truck, which features a section of rope to pull it along. The lid on the safari truck features zebra stripes and is removable, making it easyfor little hands to move the animals in and out of the truck.

This classic toy is made of 100% FSC approved wood. It is a smooth, solid and lightweight wooden truck toy with beautiful accompanying wooden animals. The vivid colours have been created using water-based paint for hours of safe play.

When placing the animals into the correct slots carved into the sides of the safari truck, kids will practice those all important fine motor skills. They will need to use precise hand movements and hand-eye coordination to pick up the animals and move them into position.

Use our shape sorter toy to introduce the concept of different shapes and size to your little learners. Children will begin to associate the shape of the outline with the shape of the animals as well as recognising the difference in height and width of each animal.

This traditional toy allows complete imaginative freedom. Kids can use this quality toy is a variety of ways, including setting up their own zoos or safaris and combining the safari truck with other similar toys to build beautiful play setups. This safari toy will provoke curiosity about the world around us with your little ones potentially wanting to find out more about different animals and where in the world they are from.

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